The past several weeks have been chaotic! I’ve uprooted myself from the confines of Philly comfort and am now living in a whole new world. Well, no not really, but it certainly feels like it! It’s taken more time to adjust to the not-so-city, uber humid land of Tampa than for the tattoo of the liberty bell on my hiney to heal. Just kidding, mom! No I’m not.

The interior of every home should reflect the people who live in it, and my Philly home definitely did! In fact, it pretty much screamed my name! However, because style and design technique change with structure and environment, my new home has taken on different character. I recorded a little ditty to celebrate my Philly home in all it’s glory, like forever ago. I’m talking pre-packing, pre-paint-sprayer-disaster…

Don’t be fooled. I’m not moving in just three short weeks. I’ve already moved. Like four weeks ago. This ditty of a vidy is old! And unedited!