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Ivory // Black

Currently obsessed with black and ivory spaces.

When I was growing up, my mom gave me total creative freedom to take my room in any direction I wanted. I remember being crazy for blue. (Oh, and Scooby Doo!) So my room was all blue, with a big fuzzy blue blanket, blue paper lanterns, blue carpeting… you get the picture. From there, I decided I wanted a graffiti wall. I designed the image, and my mom hired an artist to paint it. It was a big paint splash on ‘a brick wall’, with this cool-girl character I created wearing big bell-bottom jeans and a T-shirt.

Then when I reached 8th grade, I painted over my graffiti wall and blue — exchanging it for a sunset beach themed room. I enlisted my grandma to help me paint the walls ombre: peach on top, blending into a pink bottom half. I still remember the day we spent hours trying to get the perfect blend. In the corner of the room I used cans of spray paint and acrylic and painted two big palm trees. I changed my bunk bed out for a simple daybed with lots of pillows — and lots of pink.

My mom graduated me to a bigger room, with a bigger closet!, when I started high school. I was decidedly more sophisticated, and scrapped all of my bold color choices for neutrals. I got a fresh white carpet, all white bedding for the sleigh-bed that I had to have, and even insisted on a faux textured wall. We painted the walls with a neutral ivory and then added a lime wash in crisp white on top. It had a look of venetian plaster, and I was crazy about it. And the ultimate in sophistication? A faux fireplace. I kid you not. I somehow managed to talk my grandpa into cutting out the pieces to build a wooden box that was my fireplace. I painted stones around the opening, then closed it in with chicken wire and filled the inside with candles. I wish I had photos.

We moved a year or so later and I continued the white, and my beloved lime wash textured walls, into my new room. I attached towel bars to my ceiling and draped panels of fabric through to make a dreamy canopy over my bed. Swapping out the fireplace for a massive faux marble armoire, naturally. My sister remembers my ‘white room’ well, as she should, since she nabbed it as soon as I left for college.

And from there, I was all about color and chaos, and utterly messy. That’s how I remember my dorm rooms. Clothing and books and trinkets, everywhere. Though, I still managed to use ticky tack (you know, that blue goopy stuff?) to adhere my fabric panels to the dorm ceiling to keep the canopy effect.

For almost a decade now I have been all for the color. My first apartment after college, I somehow managed to talk Bear into being ok with me painting the hallways high-gloss hot pink! No, really. And it was a challenge to cover up when we moved out.

So, here I am, crazy for ivory and black combos. Go figure. The past several months we have slowly painted over all of the colored walls in the house (for the millionth time)… to a fresh ivory. And now I’m working on the black doors and railings. The only walls left with color are the bath in a crisp pale blue, and the master in a radiant lavender with a grey haze to it.

Mint Grapefruit Morning WakeUp

I drink a lot of coffee.  Some days I can’t even tell you how many cups I’ve had.   I’m trying to move away from relying on caffeine for my morning pick-me-up — so I came up with this Mint Grapefruit Sparkler.  It’s so simple, with the perfect amount of kick and boost of nutrients to jumpstart my day.


Recipe // Blend 1 grapefruit with a few fresh mint leaves and a handful of ice.  Then add flavored sparkling mineral water to fill glass. 

I use Whole Foods brand strawberry sparkling mineral water to sweeten up the citrus flavors of the grapefruit.  The fresh mint sprig doesn’t just make the drink look pretty — eating fresh mint has health benefits and freshens that morning breath ;)  Enjoy!

Currently: work space.

Currently in my workspace: Vintage!
Marble and brass vintage reminder to ‘Do it NOW’ // vintage mod water tumbler // floral incense // wall art inspiration // vintage bud vase that reminds me of a graduated cylinder — making the nerdy scientist in me giddy :)

And the most essential of all things in my workspace — Lucy! She loves to hide out under my desk to get some rest away from Ro.